Contract Lifting

A contract lift involves the process of crane hire, but also the responsibilities that come with it. Let us take that responsibility.
A contract lift ensures that mobile crane, equipment, operator and all personnel of the crane are our responsibility. We are responsible for the planning and execution of the job no matter how big or small.


What's included?

  • Insured lift
  • Site survey carried out
  • Expert advice and recommendations
  • Lift plan
  • Qualified and certified crane operators, appointed person, lift supervisor, slinger/signallers

I Need A Contract Lift

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Crane Hire

Simple and straightforward crane hire agreements. Hire to meet the needs of customer instructions.

Under standard CPA hire, the customer must be able to provide a suitable appointed person who is capable of planning the lift, risk assessments and provide us with a lifting plan.


What's included?

  • Mobile crane
  • Standard lifting tackle
  • Insurance (if needed)

I Require Crane Hire Only

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Teams, Accessories and More...

For everything you need to complete your lifts, ask us about our range of qualified workers available for your contracts. We can also supply a range of crane accessories to meet your lifting needs.

Your lifting accessories must be inspected and certified every 6 months, speak to a member of our team to arrange your next inspection.

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