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Our range of qualified workers are available for contracts long-term and short-term. From senior appointed persons to slingers/signallers, our dedicated team work with you as we recognise not every job is the same.

Our sub-contractors benefit from no umbrella fees as we handle all payroll in house.

Site Surveys

CPCS Appointed Persons

We employ highly experienced CPCS Appointed Persons. These Appointed Persons assist our customers, to plan and execute a successful lifting operation with maximum safety and efficiency. They assist on projects of all shapes and sizes. You can expect our appointed persons to:

  • Choose crane that’s perfect for the type of lifting operation the project requires
  • Plan and oversee the organisation of the entire lifting operation
  • Ensure that all personnel such as crane supervisors, crane drivers, slinger/signallers, traffic management clerks, involved in the contract lift are briefed and able to work together safely, efficiently and cost effectively to provide the right result at the right time, and at the right cost
  • Check all the supplied documentation required by the contract hire or CPA lift is supplied and completed as per requirements

Our appointed persons are available for full and comprehensive site surveys. They are able to offer advice for simple crane requirements or consultancy for long term lifting operations involving all types of craneage and lifting requirements. Site surveys will allow us to determine which crane will and should be used as well as assessing access and egress requirements.

Contract lift

Assessed on site:

  • Road closure requirements
  • Additional transport or accessories that may be needed
  • Obstructions on site
  • Route and any other limitations that may affect lift
  • Weight and nature of goods being lifted

Under CPA lift conditions, all the above information will be provided without responsibility, although this does not have any impact on the hirer’s responsibility with current codes of practice and legislation.

Lifting Team

During a lift each member of the crane team will have different responsibilities:

  • Crane Supervisor
  • Crane Coordinator
  • Slinger
  • Slinger/Signaller
  • Appointed Person

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